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5-14 Level A-C

Number, Money & Measure - Shape, Position & Movement - Information Handling
Number, Money & Measurement

Large On-Screen Calculator (Flash)
Basic functions only.

Base 10 Blocks (Java Applet)
Exploring whole & decimal numbers, place value with Base 10 Blocks.
Includes lesson plan.

Cuisenaire Rods (Java Applet)
Set of moveable rods.
Includes lesson plan and pupil activities.

Interactive Place Value Cards
Set of moveable place value cards. Great for interactive whiteboard.

1-100 Square plus Counters (Flash)
Numeracy tool with moveable counters.

Number Grid (Flash)
100 square - click to highlight individual numbers.

Multiplication Square (Flash)
100 square with moveable yellow bars to cover different groups of numbers.

Teaching Clock - Analogue & Digital (Flash)
Teaching Clock - Analogue (Flash)

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5-14 Assessment - Level C Mental Test Practice
From the McLaren High School Maths Dept
(Select S1-S2 from the home page menu and scroll down the page)

The following sites offer a wide range of interactive activities involving basic operations, number bonds, place value, fractions, rounding, time, shape and measurement.
Numeracy Activities 1
Numeracy Activities 2
Numeracy Activities 3
Numeracy Activities 4
Numeracy Activities 5

Number Bonds 1 (Flash)
Practice number bonds to 5, 10, 100 or user defined.
Number Bonds 2 (Flash)
Race against clock to click numbers that add up to given value.

4 Player Numeracy Game Show (Flash)
Level 1 Level 2

Number Sentences (Flash)
5-14 Level B

Addition Pyramid
Add adjacent numbers to get the value in the next row until you reach the top.

Number Walls
Similar to but harder than 'Addition Pyramid'.
Fill in the missing values on the bricks to complete the nmber wall to the correct total.

Count On Convict (Flash)
Help the prisoners escape by calculating differences.

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Times Tables Practice 1 (Flash)
2-12, or user-defined, times tables practice.
Times Tables Practice 2 (Flash)
2-9 times tables. Choose the correct answer from five.
Times Tables Practice 3
2-10 times tables. On-line tests including correction.
Also available to download as HTML file.
Times Tables Practice 4 (Shockwave)
2-12 times tables. Patterns & hints, tables tournament, downloadable worksheets.
Times Tables Practice 5 (Java Applet)
Match multiplication facts up to 10x10.
Times Tables Practice 6 (Flash)
Four levels: up to 5x5, 10x10, 15x15 & 20x20.
'Make a Million' - the faster you answer the more money you win.
Times Tables Practice 7
Resources and theory for teaching times tables.

Dividing Practice (Flash)
Mixed questions within 2-12 times tables.

Place Value (Flash)
Identify the value of the numeral correctly to unlock the tank to shoot the target.

Money 1 (Flash)
Money 2  (Flash)
Level A-B
Select from choice of coins to make total displayed.
Money 3 (Flash)
Make Coins & Notes Totals
Money 4 (Flash)
Level A-B
Game of Snap - match price to coins.

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Time 1 (Java Applet)
Online lesson in telling the time.
Includes a history of clocks, time lesson, interactive practice using analogue & digital clocks.
Time 2 (Shockwave)
Play game setting analogue clock to given time.
Whole and half hours only.
Time 3 (Shockwave)
Set analogue clock to given digital time.
Time 4 (Flash)
Memory Snap
Match time facts e.g. 14 days = fortnight, etc.

Area & Perimeter of Rectangle & Square (Flash)
Explore the effects on area & perimeter by changing the lengths of the sides.

Area Explorer (Java Applet)
Set the perimeter then calculate the area of the shape.

Perimeter Explorer (Java Applet)
Set the area then calculate the perimeter of the shape.

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Fractions 1a
Identifying fractions of coloured shapes.
12 pages getting progressively harder. Click next at bottom of screen to advance.
Fractions 1b
Further 4 pages.
Fractions 2a
Identifying fraction matching position on a number line.
Click next at bottom of screen to advance.
Fractions 2b
More pages.
Fractions 3a
Simplifying Fractions
Click next at bottom of screen to advance.
Fractions 3b
Further 2 pages.
Fractions 4a
Equivalent Fractions
2 pages, click next at bottom of screen to advance.
Fractions 4b
Another 2 pages.
Fractions 5
Calculating fractions of quantities.
2 pages, click next at bottom of screen to advance.
Fractions 6 (Java Applet)
Fraction Bars
Set up bars to show equivalence, including decimals and percentages.
Fractions 7 (Flash)
Practice, equivalent, reducing, improper & mixed numbers, multiply & divide, add and subtract fractions.

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Shape, Position & Movement

Shape Properties (Flash)
Group shapes by properties.

3D-shapes (Java Applet)
Every 3D shape that you could possibly think of. All 433 of them!!

Tiling (Java Applet)
Teaching/Demo/Pupil activity
Make tilings from a variety of shapes.

What's My Angle (Flash)
Resource for teaching how to measure angles.

Angles (Flash)
Learn how to measure angles; recognise right, acute and obtuse angles.

Angles Game (Flash)
1, 2 or 3 player game
Recognise and label acute, obtuse, right and congruent angles.

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Information Handling

Histogram  Bar Graph (Java Applet)
View and create these using built in data or user defined data.

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