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The Pifactory
Excellent site by a maths teacher from north London.
Contains a wealth of maths resources for use in the classroom and at home, revision notes and useful links to other interesting maths sites.

Maths @ (Flash)
Another great site containing loads of fantastic resources for pupils and teachers. Great games, online practice/revision activities and downloadable resources in various formats.

mathcentre (PDF)
Self study maths resources at various levels.

Useful site collecting and disseminating real data for use by teachers and pupils in data-handling, ICT and across the curriculum for learning and teaching.

Maths is Fun!
Great site, aimed at pupils, covering topics from basic arithmetic to equations of a straight line.

nrich Maths
Fantastic site offering resources for children, parents and teachers to enrich learning in maths.

Activities and games at all levels
Formerly the Maths Year 2000 Website.


Jim Reed's Maths Pages (Flash)  

A large collection of interactive flash learning activities.

Covers Number, Algebra, Geometry, Data Handling.

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Countdown Maths Game (Flash)
An on-line version of the numbers round from the popular Channel4 gameshow.

The Weakest Link (Flash)
Single player version of the popular TV gameshow.

Maths Mountain Challenge
Quiz involving decimals, percentages, fractions (including algebraic fractions).

Numeracy (Flash)
11 numeracy activities including Place Value, Dividing, Ordering Fractions and Percentages.
Problem Solving 1
The well known 'Cross the River' problem.
Problem Solving 2
Visit all the places in the shortest route.
Problem Solving 3
Word problems with hints and answers.
Problem Solving 4
Online maths adventure from Absurd Math.
Problem Solving 5 (Java Applet)
Weights Balance
Problem Solving 6 (Flash)
Powerlines - Magic square style puzzle with progressive levels.
Problem Solving 7
Maths Mysteries - Solve mysteries involving various maths concepts.
3 levels of difficulty.

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Puzzle Playground 
Great new website offereing a variety of puzzles and games based on paper or simple props such as coins.

Fun Maths Activities (Flash)
Interactive Flash games including Pentominoes, Cross Numbers, Magic Squares and Tangrams from MathSphere.

Virtual Dice (Flash)
Roll six to twelve sided dice or create your own custom die.

Brain Teasers (PDF)
Mainly Primary to lower Secondary level.

Tangrams 1 (Flash)
Create the shapes shown using all 7 tangrams.
Tangrams 2 (Flash)
Explore shapes with this interactive tangram.

Tower of Hanoi (Java Applet)
Card game.

Pythagorean Triple Calculator (Java Applet)
Generate up to 500 Pythagorean Triples.

The Origin of the Square Root Sign (Flash)
Short animation explaining a possible origin.

Mathematical Pi Song! (Flash) 
Brilliant parody of Don Maclean's American Pie.
Turn your volume up!

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Pentomino Puzzles & Links
A collection of puzzles, games, facts and links about pentominoes and polyominoes.

Pentomino Solutions
Investigations into patterns and symmetry in Pentominoes and solutions to many different Pentomino puzzles.

The World of Escher
Gallery of Escher drawings.

Proof by Counter Example (Flash)
Find the counter example to prove the statement is false.

World Population (Flash)
Populaion figures for past, present and future.

TI-83 Tutorials
Instructions and screenshots for common TI-83 operations.

TI-83 Flash Movie Tutorials (Flash)
Interactive tutorials using an on-screen TI-83 replica.

Which Came First?
Maths or Physics? Philosophical fun.

Want to win a million dollars??
The Clay Mathematics Institute in America has named seven unsolved maths problems and designated a $7 million prize fund for the solution to these problems, with $1 million allocated to each. Honestly!

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