Online interactive resources for the Scottish Maths curriculum

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Teaching Resources

A great site aimed at English and Welsh maths teachers but plenty resources applicable to the Scottish curriculum too.

A new and developing site aiming to share Easiteach, Tarisa, PowerPoint and Excel resources for use by teachers and pupils. Watch this space!

NGfL Teacher Resource Exchange
Free registration required to download resources.
Over 300 interactive maths resources, activities and puzzles from fractions to fractals.

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Lots of resources for teachers from the University of Exeter.
Includes worksheets, lesson plans, data bank, educational papers, puzzles & competitions.

Many resources including lesson plans, printable worksheets, teaching articles, educational games, teaching tips and more from this US site.

John Taylor's Freebies
A fantastic website containing a wide range of freely downloadable resources.
Including interactive whiteboard activities, lesson starters, interactive Excel worksheets, worksheet generators and much more!

Numeracy World 
Free photocopiable maths worksheets covering basic numeracy from early primary and upwards.

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Free Flash & PowerPoint Resources
A variety of great Flash and PowerPoint resources. Free to use and adapt.

Excel, Word and PowerPoint Resources
These resources can be downloaded after registering for free.
Mostly suitable for 5-14 levels.

Pifactory Teacher Resources
Excel 2002, PowerPoint and Geometer's Sketchpad resources.


Adrian Sparrows Mathematics Pages
Loads of great, free worksheets and resources for students and teachers.
30,000 free worksheets, lesson plans, educational news and other resources
Free registration required.  
Maths resources to support primary maths teaching for purchase but does also include lots of free resources to use online or download.

Many of the resources are suitable for secondary maths too.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources 1
Interactive webpage numeracy activities designed for use on an interactive whiteboard, includes worksheets and lesson plans.
Interactive Whiteboard Resources 2 (Flash)
Lots of interactive flash resources specially for interactive whiteboards but can also be used without.
Interactive Whiteboard Resources 3 (Flash)
Even more!!

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Interactive Maths Activities
A large collection of activities mostly at 5-14 level.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (Java Applet)
A huge "collection of maths activities designed to engage children in doing rather than being told about or simply practising maths.", covering primary and secondary topics.

Numeracy Teaching Ideas
Teaching ideas, on-line activities and downloadable resources.
Suitable for primary and lower secondary pupils.

Primary Teaching Resources
Free downloadable resources and worksheets. Files typically in PDF or XLS format.
Suitable for primary and lower secondary pupils.

Basic Numeracy Activities & Resources
Online actvities and worksheets that can be printed or completed on-line.

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
"The Web's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource" from the makers of Mathematica.

Illuminations (Java Applet)
Online, interactive, multimedia maths investigations and activities.
Suitable for primary to senior secondary pupils.

Online Maths Video Clips (Java Applet)
US produced online maths video library.
Video clips are 10-30 mins long and cover various topics.
Clips must be viewed online so a broadband connection essential.

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Over 200 Java Applets on various Maths topics (Java Applet)
Mainly senior school.
Topics include trigonometry, calculus, vectors and more.

Loads more interactive Java Applets (Java Applet)
Suitable for 5-14 to Standard Grade.
Topics include numeracy, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis & probability.

Project Interactivate
Java-based courseware for exploration in mathematics.

Maths Dictionary (Flash) 
Excellent dictionary from MathsSphere.

Maths Dictionary for Kids (Flash)
An animated, interactive dictionary which explains over 400 common mathematical terms in simple language.

Maths Games (Java Applet)
Aimed at Primary & Lower Secondary pupils.
'Lemonade Stand' is very popular!

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3D-shapes (Java Applet)
Every 3D shape that you could possibly think of. All 433 of them!!
All shapes are rotatable in 3 dimensions too.

Income Tax/National Insurance Rates
Facts & figures from the Inland Revenue website.

Rates, rates, rates
Exchange rates, tax rates, interest rates.

National Statistics Databank
All manner of statistics from food to politics.
Downloads available in MS Excel format.

Downloadable statistics datasets, worksheets and lesson plans

Free Downloadable Maths & Numeracy Resources
Includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

PowerPoint Resources 1 
Secondary Maths PowerPoint files free to download.
PowerPoint Resources 2 
Links to help, tutorials and resources on PowerPoint including Maths PowerPoint downloads.

PowerPoint Resources 3 
Loads of free PowerPoints to download.

Maths Films (Flash)
Animated maths 'Flash' films to support the teaching of maths.

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