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Excel - PowerPoint - Help Files

Interactive Excel Spreadsheets

Many of these interactive spreadsheets use macros to create the interactivity.
To allow these files to run properly; set Macro security to Medium (Tools > Macro > Security) and enable macros when prompted.

Equation Balance  (90kb) 
Interactive scales to illustrate solving simple equations.
Also displays algebraic solution.

Gradient of a Straight Line  (49kb)
Develop and practice the gradient formula.
Whole class with projector or single pupil use.

Straight Line Generator  (37kb)
Displays random straight lines with equation in form y = mx + c.
Equation can be shown or hidden.
Whole class with projector or single pupil use.

Graph of Exponential Function and its Inverse  (41kb) 
View exponential function and its inverse by reflecting in line y=x.

Coin Toss  (300kb) 
Investigate probability with this interactive coin tossing spreadsheet.

Cops & Robbers  (90kb)
Use coordinates and problem solving to catch Ronny the Robber among the city blocks.
Similar to the MicroSmile game Rhino.

Feds & Felons  (110kb)
Use coordinates, Pythagoras and problem solving to catch Frankie the Felon among the city blocks.
Similar to the MicroSmile game Elephant.

Coordinates Treasure Map  (364kb)
Identify the locations of various pirate related objects on the treasure map.
One or four quadrants, show or hide answers.

Transforming Trig Functions  (45kb)
Explore transformations of the sine and cosine functions.

Volume of a Cuboid  (146kb)
Interactive worksheet for pupils containing ten V=lbh questions.

Interactive Thermometer  (29kb)
Practice reading a thermometer scale.  -10 to 10 degrees.

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Short Multiplication  (20kb)
Generates worksheets to print out with two digit by single digit multiplications.
Press F9 to create new questions.

Long Multiplication  (24kb)
Generates worksheets to print out with three digit by two digit multiplications.
Press F9 to create new questions.

Rounding  (45kb)
Generates worksheets to print out with rounding to 1 and 2 decimal places and 1 and 2 significant figures.
Press F9 to create new questions.

Negative Numbers  (102kb)
Test yourself adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing negative numbers.

Expanding Brackets  (33kb)
Generate worksheets to print out for multiplying a single bracket by a negative multiplier.
Press F9 to create new questions.

Multiplying & Dividing Decimals by 10 & 100  (49kb)
Press F9 to create new questions.

Dice  (28kb)
Investigate probability with this interactive die throwing spreadsheet.

Interactive Times Tables Tests  (19kb)
Test your tables with instant feedback.
Designed for single pupil use.

5-14 Level B Mental Question Generator  (83kb) 
5-14 Level C Mental Question Generator  (84kb) 
5-14 Level D Mental Question Generator  (85kb) 
5-14 Level E Mental Question Generator  (83kb)
5-14 Level F Mental Question Generator  (86kb) 
Four tests at each level with an almost infinite number of questions.
Hide/show answers facility.
Whole class with projector or single pupil use.

Calculating Percentages Without a Calculator  (31kb)
Creates endless percentage worksheets to print out.
Press F9 to create new questions.

Countdown  (1003kb)   Zipped (262kb)
Excel version of game show with letters, numbers & conundrum games.

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Some of the following files have been created using PowerPoint 2002 (XP) which includes animation effects not available in earlier versions.
A free viewer can be downloaded from a Microsoft to view these files as they were intended.

Dice Roll  (37kb) 
Large single die or pair of dice that can be rolled on screen.
Enable Macros when prompted.

BlockBusters  (634kb) 
Game board from the popular TV gameshow.
Enable Macros when prompted.
The theme tune can be played from here.

Introduction to Differentiation - Motion Graphs (XP)  (594kb) 
Uses context of motion graphs to develop method for calculating gradient of a curve.
Introduction to Differentiation - Lesson Resources  (1Mb) 
Zipped file containing the above PowerPoint and supporting worksheets, Flash animation, Autograph and Geometers' Sketchpad files.

Ratio & Proportion - Vitruvian Man  (236kb) 
PowerPoint and worksheet to accomapny a practical activity exploring the ratios of height and arm span, length of hand, etc.

Similar Triangles & Photography  (1.25Mb) 
PowerPoint and worksheet involving finding lengths of objects from aerial and satellite photos.

Similarity (XP)  (780kb) 
Why you need to wrap up babies. Why a mouse will survive a drop from a large building. Why giants can't walk.
Similarity answers these burning questions!

Sine Rule Question  (64kb)
Cosine Rule Extension Question  (80kb)
Worked examples of sine and cosine rule calculations.

The Sheerluck Mysteries  (212kb)
10 interactive puzzles based around number facts, e.g. primes, square numbers, etc.
Enable Macros when prompted.
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Question of Maths - Algebra 1 (XP)  (200kb)
Question of Maths - Distance, Speed, Time (XP)  (200kb)
Question of Maths - Fractions, Decimals & Percentages (XP)
Three quizes roughly based on the Question of Sport TV show. The questions can easily be changed to suit any topic/level.
The theme tune can be downloaded from here. Save in same folder as PowerPoint file to automatically play during presentation.

Circles - Mobile Phone Tracking  (420kb)
Extension problem for Higher level Circles.
Solve circle equations to locate a mobile phone.

Compound Angle Formulae (XP)  (260kb)
Animated Proof of Sin(A+B)

Standard Form - Planets (XP)  (431kb)   Zipped  (276kb) 
Recap of Standard Form with big numbers in the context of planet information.

Multiplying Pairs of Brackets (XP)  (153kb)
Introduction to lesson using areas.

Quadratic Factors Starter  (50kb)
Match quadratic expressions to factors.
Enable Macros when prompted.

Integration - Area Under a Curve  (285kb)
Derives method of integration for finding the area under a curve.

Sorting Numbers (XP)  (382kb)
Sort numbers into Odd/Even, Prime/Composite and Square numbers.
Simple powerpoint file created to demonstrate Drag & Drop macro.
In PowerPoint, go to Tools > Macros > Security and set it to Medium. Run the file and Enable Macros when prompted.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?  (4Mb)
PowerPoint version of TV game show including graphics and sounds.
Questions are blank for user to customise.
Apologies for large filesize, this is caused by the graphics and sounds included.
Unfortunately a zipped file is no smaller!

Interactive Maths Quiz  (110kb)
An interactive quiz submitted by Nick Jones, age 11
Questions suitable for Level E

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Help Files

Creating Pictographs with Excel  (125kb)
MS Word file detailing how to change histograms into pictographs in Excel.

Interactive Excel using Rand Function  (22kb)
Excel file with examples of how to use Excel's random number generator to create interactive spreadsheets.

Conditional Formatting in Excel  (49kb)
How to use conditional formatting in Maths related Excel spreadsheets.

F9 Key Alternatives  (34kb)
How to create alternatives to the F9 key in Excel.
Great for interactive whiteboard or Tablet PC users.

Graphing Functions in Excel  (200kb)
Detailed help on creating graphs of functions.

Self-Correcting Worksheet  (14kb)
How to create a self correcting worksheet using conditional formatting.

Using the IF Function  (20kb) 
The conditional logic function IF explained.

Buttons, Sliders & Spinners  (86kb) 
Use Excel's controls to add further interactivity to spreadsheets.

Text & Calculations  (35kb) 
How to combine text and Excel formulae in a single cell and how to use it to create interactive questions.

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